Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I am in 2nd grade my family does homeschool but 1 does not ???????? Jesse!

Jesse brings something home from school everyday.  We always want to see what color he gets. Red is really really bad.  Orange is a bit better than red.  Yellow is better than both of those.  Green is a good one compared to red.  Blue is almost to the top and then it is purple, which is second to best and then pink is the best of the best.  

In our group school we learn about ancient Egypt and how the pyramids were made and about the youngest ruler, King Tut.  We read the Bible everyday so we can be more like God.  My favorite story in school that we have learned about is Joseph.  When he was in prison, he prayed to God.  He eventually got out of jail and became the 2nd in command of the whole Egypt. He stored up grain for the starving people and everyone was filled up because before there were 7 years of famine, there were plenty of crops to grow.  The Nile River overflowed once every year for those years.  That made it time to plant the seeds.  Some crops they grew were wheat, barley, grapes, dates and figs.  They made the barley into bread. 

Below is a picture of barley:

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday, June 16, 2014


In 2013-14 jonny mows the lawn  so we can have short grass so . we could have short weeds . He mows others lawn & earns $ to buy things .$

In 2014, for Brianna's 13th birthday, she is having a birthday party at the mall.  She will invite her friends and her cousin, Amalia.  In 2013, Jonny started a mowing business.  In that same year we got Jesse David Kopinski.  He is the youngest one in our family.  Everybody loves him.  Sometimes he can be annoying.  Sometimes he can not be annoying.  Jesse loves to play soccer and football. I love to play soccer and football. Jesse wants to become a coach when he grows up. Two days ago was my mom's 40th birthday. Yesterday was Father's Day and my dad had a good Father's Day.  We went many places to try to eat.  When we finally found one, it too one hour to just get our food.

This is one of the letters I gave to my mom for her birthday:
"Ethan, Happy birthday mom.  I hope you have a good birthday!  Love, Ethan'

I got my first ever model airplane from a book sale.  And we learned a game called the 'circle game'.  Don't look at the circle!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Kopinski's

This is the Kopinski family we adopted Jesse we went swimming 1 of  the Kopinski memberf  of my family bri we went on the great wall 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sat/dec 21

Today we will go to the Doctor. So he will see Jesse Fu Lian's ears, eyes, heart. After his shot we gave him his favorite snack, Angry Bird graham crackers.

We went on an airplane yesterday.